DIY Greek Key Suspenders


After spending the weekend falling in love with our greek key trims, we decided to put our DIY skills to use!  Modern day womenswear is receiving a lot of its inspiration from menswear so it was about time that we created a unisex DIY!  These suspenders look great on anyone!



3 yards of Greek Key jacquard trim

2 packs of Suspender clips


Matching thread


Sewing pins

1.  Measure the amount of trim it will take to take the go from the top left corner of your pants, over your left shoulder, and across your back to the top right corner of your pants.  Cut a strip of your trim measuring this amount.


2.  Push both ends of the trim through 2 suspender clips and sew the ends, as shown.

3a 4Ba 4Ca

3.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 with another strip of trim.


4.  Clip the strips onto your pants so that they criss-cross on your back.  Pin where they cross at your back and take it off.


5.  Sew the two strips together at the pinned point and you now have a pair of cool greek key suspenders.  Wear them with a chic suit, some baggy boyfriend jeans, or with whatever your heart desires!


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