DIY Fringe Christmas Tree


With all of the alternative Christmas trees we’ve spotted, we decided to use some of our versatile fringe trim to create our own!  We especially loved creating this version because you can place it right above a table or chair that will hold all of your holiday presents.  That way it looks magically larger than it really is!



6 yds of emerald 4″ chainette fringe

2 yds of gold 2″ chainette fringe

Green and yellow tacs



1 yd of metallic cord (optional)

Ruler and pencil (not shown)



1.  Your tree is going to measure 34 inches tall and 20 inches wide.  Using a pencil and ruler, measure and mark these points on your wall.

2.  Using your tacs, add your first layer of fringe along these points.



3.  Continue adding fringe from the bottom to the center and to the other side using your tacs.  When pinning at the center, you can leave about an inch of wall space to cover up later.  This will save fringe to complete the entire tree.


4. Once the “tree” is completed, use your gold trim as “decorations”.  Cut out pieces that will drape across the tree to cover up the bare wall spaces.  Tape or glue these pieces on.  I taped them so I could salvage the emerald fringe for any future DIYs.


5.  Add a star to the top of your tree.  If you don’t have one, you can always use some metallic cord you may have leftover from last week’s DIY to create a star using your tacs.


6.  Add any additional ornaments you may have and you’ve created a festive alternative Christmas tree!


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