DIY Studded Leather Belt

Recently we’ve been getting inspired by one of our favorite blockbusters, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. When we think of Lisbeth Salander, we immediately think of black, leather, and spikes, so we created this studded leather belt inspired by the character. Use it to add an edge to a girly dress, or go all out with an all black outfit. Follow along below to make it yourself, and stop by our website to see our items inspired by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (and other awesome blockbusters!).

1. Gather your supplies. You need a leather hole punch, E6000 glue, scissors, 1 yd of leather trim, 3 packs (or 30) cone studs, a snap closure.
2. Cut your leather trim so it is an inch or two longer than the circumference of your waist.
3. Glue one side of the snap closure to the top side of the leather trim. Once that has dried, flip the leather over and glue it to the bottom side of the other end of trim. Make sure the two sides of the closure connect when the belt is wrapped around your waist.
4. Using your leather hole punch, punch out holes where you want your studs to go. You may want to use a ruler and pencil first to plan it out. We placed our studs about 1 inch apart.
5. Unscrew the studs, then start screwing them into the holes.
6. Finish screwing the studs into the holes, then you’re all done!

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