DIY Mask

October is finally here, which means we’ll be bringing you plenty of Halloween ideas and DIYs. We’re starting the month off with a classic Halloween DIY, a mask, which is perfect for a masquerade party or a last-minute costume. We found some gorgeous scalloped lace in our store that worked perfectly as a mask, and we’re loving the final result. Check it out below!

1. Get your supplies. You’ll need: scissors, scalloped lace trim, two feather patches, glue, and 1 yd of satin ribbon
2. Cut your scalloped trim so you have two pieces with two scallops each.

3. Rotate one of the scalloped pieces so when you place the two pieces together, they create your mask shape. On the bottom piece, apply glue to the top three points, where the two pieces will intersect. Then lay the top piece over and press down on the three points to stick it firmly in place.

4. Trim off any extra trim to create your desired mask shape. We trimmed off a bit from the bottom of the mask so it wouldn’t cover too much of the face.

5. Attach the feather pieces to the top of each side of the mask. Our feather pieces have pins on the back, so they are extremely easy to apply!

6. Flip the mask over. Cut the satin ribbon in half, then glue one piece to either side of the mask. Let dry.

7. You’re all done! Now you’re ready to show off your DIY mask on Halloween!

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