DIY Studded Bun Cuff

Looking for a way to spice up your summer bun? We’ve been browsing around Pinterest lately and got inspired to make an edgy studded bun cuff. We grabbed supplies from M&J Trimming and quickly whipped this up. What do you think? Follow the instructions below to make it yourself.

1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need:

2. Trim your leather trim to your desired length. You may want to put your hair in a bun first, and then measure the leather. On one end of the leather, sew one side of the metal closure in place. Flip the leather over, then sew the other side of the metal closure in place on the other end.
 3. Using your metal hole punch, create 10 evenly distributed holes in the leather trim. You may want to mark them first with a pencil.
 4. Unscrew the studs. Push a screw through one of the holes, then screw the stud in place on top.
 5. Continue to secure the rest of the studs in the trim by screwing them through the holes.
 6. You’re all done! Simply create your bun, then wrap the studded cuff around it and clasp in place.

One thought on “DIY Studded Bun Cuff

  1. It looks like a mad dog collar with the spikes. However, I appreciate your steps to making something similar to those who want a more moderate type of decor on their head. I do like most of the ideas on your site, & can modify them to suit my needs. Keep up the good work.

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