DIY Bracelet by Thanks, I Made It

This bracelet is essence of summer: natural materials, a bit of sparkle, and a fresh mint color come together for some arm candy that’s sure to be a new favorite. Keep reading for how it’s made.

Tools and Materials:
25mm herringbone trim, in mint
36mm jute braid
1/8″ rhinestone trim (1/2 yard)
Embroidery thread in Aqua
Sew-on snap closure
E6000 super glue

Cut a piece of jute trim long enough to wrap around your wrist, plus an inch extra. Cut a piece of herringbone ribbon to the same length.
Measure and cut another piece of the herringbone ribbon as long as the width of the trim. Use fray check or a lighter to melt down and fuse the ends to prevent unraveling.
Spread a layer of super glue on the ribbon.
Place on one end of jute and stick to the trim.
Place larger piece of herringbone on the jute, and fold the smaller piece of trim and glue over the trim. Repeat on the other end of the trim.
Use a clip to hold in place until the glue dries completely.
Sew one half of the snap closure to the outside of the trim.
Sew the other half of the snap to the inside of the trim, making sure to line up the snaps before sewing in place.
Cut two pieces of rhinestone trim to fit on the ribbon.
Sew the trim onto the bracelet, with stitches in between the stones.
Sew the second row of rhinestones.


Created by Erin of Thanks, I Made It. You can find more DIY inspiration and tutorials on her site.

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