Top 5 Shirt DIYs

With their simple cuts, plain t-shirts leave an endless amount of opportunity for cool DIYs. You can embellish, dye, sew, and do plenty other things to spice up a classic shirt. We rounded up the top 5 shirt DIYs by our favorite bloggers so we can get inspired for our next project. Which one do you like the best?

1. DIY Ombre Tee by A Pair & A Spare

2. DIY Flower Top by A Matter Of Style

3. DIY Embellished Tee by I Spy DIY

4. DIY Peplum T-Shirt by …love Maegan

5. DIY Bow Blouse by Cheetah Is The New Black

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Shirt DIYs

  1. I like the one with the bows. I’ve seen some with pearls and other random embellishments. I like the idea of taking a plain shirt/sweater and adding some embellishments to make it extra-ordinary.

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