DIY Studded Neon Bracelet

This summer we’re all about neon accessories – especially ones that have a little edge to them. So we picked up some hot pink trim and some metal studs and got right to work with this studded bracelet! You only need 4 supplies (all from M&J Trimming, of course) and the steps are incredibly easy. See the instructions below to find out how to make your own.



1. Stick a stud through the braided trim – make sure the prongs go through to the other side.

2. Flip the trim over and fold the prongs down to keep the stud in place.

3. Add more studs, 4 or 5 should be a good amount.

4. Slide the metal closure onto the vinyl, and fold the trim over it. Glue the trim to itself so the closure stays in place. Then do the same for the other side of the closure.

5. Hold the trim together while the glue dries – you may need to use clips or bobby pins to hold it in place.

6. Once the glue dries, you’re all set. Enjoy your bracelet!

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