Blogger Highlight: Glitter ‘N Glue

It’s safe to say that we have always been obsessed with Glitter ‘N Glue, a DIY blog that is run by the lovely Kristen Turner. She participated in our Blogger Challenge last year, and we adored all of the projects that she created. Her sparkling zebra flats were definitely a favorite around the office. Kristen was kind enough to chat with us about everything DIY-related – see her interview below!

How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer? After maxing out my credit cards, I started DIYing as a way to feed my fashion appetite without breaking the bank.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs? I find inspiration from all over… magazines, window shopping, blogs, old Hollywood photos, vintage family photos.
Which of your DIY projects is your favorite? I just made these stackable ball and chain rings that I’m currently obsessing over. They were super cheap, super easy to make and come in so many different colors. I wear them almost everyday now. I pair them with my Michael Kors stackable rings as the perfect mix of designer and DIY

Have you noticed any upcoming DIY trends? Summer is upon us so I’m excited to see the DIY projects the change in weather will bring. I’m predicting lots of color which I’m very excited about!
What advice would you give to DIY beginners? Start simple. I find the best projects are usually the ones where I’ve used a can of spray paint to change the color of something. So simple yet it totally changes the look of my accessories.
What are your must-have DIY supplies? Glitter and glue, obviously 😉 I also seem to not be able to live without studs. Lately I’ve wanted to put studs on everything!

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