DIY Ombre Wrap Bracelet

This DIY combines two of our favorite things: ombre and bright summer colors. Just grab four similar-color threads and some cord, and apply a simple wrap technique to create the cool ombre look. See the instructions below.

Supplies:  scissors, 1 ft of cord, 1 yard each of 4 embroidery threads (make sure your colors create an ombre effect)

1. Put the cord and all of the threads together, and tie a knot near the top. Make sure you leave a few inches at the top.

2. Start wrapping your 1st color of thread around the cord, making sure that you aren’t leaving any spaces.

3. After you have done about an inch of the 1st color, switch to the next color. If you really want to make a great ombre effect, combine the 1st and 2nd colors and wrap them together for about half an inch, then fully switch over to the 2nd color. Continue with the rest of your colors.

4. We chose to a make symmetrical ombre effect on our bracelet, but you can also just go from your 1st color to your last color. Once you have reached the end, tie a few knots around the cord with your last color. Then tie a knot in the cord and cut off the excess thread. Cut off any extra cord, but make sure you leave a few inches. Tie it around your wrist and you’re all set!

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