DIY Neon Necklace just shared this awesome neon necklace tutorial – and they used M&J products! For all you neon fans, this is a great and simple DIY to recreate. Just grab your supplies from and see the directions below.

Supplies: 1 ft large silver chain, 4 ft each of 3 different neon cords or ribbon, pliers, scissors


1. Tie one of the ribbons (we used green) around the right side of the first link in the chain. Bring the ribbon under the second link and then pull it through the link, making sure to stay on the right side.

2. Keep wrapping around the following links, continuing to pull the ribbon under and through each link. Continue to stay on the right side. The chain may twist a little but that’s alright!

3. Tie your second ribbon on the left side of the first link. Repeat the wraparound process that you used for the first ribbon, but this time stay on the left side.

4. Keep wrapping the second ribbon around left right side of the chain. Stop whenever it looks long enough.

5.  Tie the third ribbon around the first link. Instead of wrapping this one around the sides of the chain, weave it down the middle of the chain, going under one link and coming up in the next one.

6. Use the pliers to clip the chain wherever you want to finish. Tie all three ribbons in a tight knot around the last link. Either  leave all three ribbons on the end, or cut two of them off and leave one ribbon to tie the necklace together.

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