DIY: Spring Home Decor

By Blerona

I’ve done so many Spring posts and I can’t help but do another one. I’m just really excited about SPRING being here, if you couldn’t tell already, but luckly I decided to skip the accessories and fashion and went into some good old Home Decor. This DIY is a great way to freshen and brighten up your home. Simply use two different types of ruffles and glue or sew it on to your favorite pillow! Can’t get easier than that!

Ribbon Used:
23Mm Box Pleated Chromspun Edging  Item# 30217
1″ Btfly Pleat Twill Center Stitch Item# 40497 
Magna Tac Glue or Needle & Thread

5 thoughts on “DIY: Spring Home Decor

    1. Thank you Chanelle, but why wait to find it in a store, when you can have fun making your own. It’s super easy 🙂

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