Studded Leather Bracelet

By Blerona

I am loving the brights, neons, and I’ve always been a fan of leather and spikes. So I combined them altogther, and came up with this spiked up bright leather wrap bracelet, Perfect for Spring!

1″ Genuine Leather Trim Item# 81499 in Ivory/Teal/Yellow
Small Spike w/Screw ½” Item# 37160 in Silver  
14mm Magnet Fastener Item# 42094 in Silver
Ruler / Pen

Written Steps

  • Measure the leather trim around your wrist, it should wrap around twice or however much you want. Then cut.
  • The fastener has two parts, each goes on one end, but on opposite sides (See Photo). Cut to slits and push prong through and use the scissors to push them in for a finishing look. Then do other piece the same way.
  • Adding the nailheads is the easiest part. Use enough spikes to fill up 1/3 of the leather trim. My entire leather trim measured 14” so I only used 9 Spikes. Take a pen and ruler and mark every half inch (see photo)
  • Poke holes on the marks and insert the screw, then screw the nailhead on. Repeat these steps till you fill up 1/3 of the trim. And it’s ready to wear.

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