Making a Belt With M&J

By Blerona

Spring is FINALLY Here!! And I just had to make something, anything to wear in the spring and I thought why not a belt. It’s super easy and goes with everything. Hope you enjoy these easy steps for the Spring breeze.


Step 1: Glue the ends of the braided trim so it doesn’t fray. Then slip the trim throught the buckle and throught the prong.

Step 2: Glue the end to the trim to hold in place.

Step 3: Take the 5/8″ Grosgrain ribbon and glue around the trim for a finishing look. You can also sew it for extra protction.

Step 4: Take the 1.5″ Grosgrain ribbon and glue both ends of the ribbon so ribbon does not fray. Place glue on the other end of the braided trim and place the ribbon on top.

Step5: Then sew it in place.




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