Our Favorite Blogger of the Month!!

By Blerona

It’s that time of the month again, when we pick our favorite blogger of the MONTH! Our Pick for March is coming from NYC!

Meet Stefanie Schiada, design and lifestyle blogger better known to her readers from Brooklyn Limestone simply as Mrs. Limestone.  Whether working on a DIY home decor project, traveling to all corners of the world in the pursuit of a full passport or prepping for a costume party, she documents it all on her blog. Stefanie is a lifelong New Yorker and self confessed trash tv addict. Check out more of design, decor and travel at Brooklyn Limestone. And that’s why we love her, her home renovation just blew us away and so did all her other creative projects!

Heres what we sent her for the Blogger of the Month Challenge…now let’s see what she can make! Check back on Thursday March 17, 2011.

One thought on “Our Favorite Blogger of the Month!!

  1. Its me again i love your blog and it has now got me addicted to DIY nerwtok.. i called Kevin at work yesterday and told him dont worry ill install the wet bar downstairs after watching a lady do it on tv!!! hahah

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