Dress Up for New Years!…

By Julissa

The New Years Celebration is this week, so let the festivities begin! Of course when you go out, you need to look your best. If you want to stand out, make your own layered necklace made out of M&J’s chains and rhinestone buttons.


  • 2 yards of Swarvoski Crystal Chain, Style# 44700 (1.800.9.mjtrim) (Limited Edition)
  • 1 yard of 15mm  Silver Chain, Style# 44522 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 28” of 6mm Pearl Rosary Chain, Style# 44522 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 1  70L/44mm Crystal Rhinestone Button, Style # 37501 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 1 48L/30mm  Crystal Rhinestone Button, Style# 37501 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 1 40L/25mm  Crystal Rhinestone Button, Style# 37501 (1.800.9.mjtrim)


  • Connect the links to the Swarvoski Chain together. Twist and make two layers of it.
  • Take the pearl chain and link the chain together. It should fall in between the Swarvoski chain.
  • Take the silver chain, that one is going to be the longest and should fall last, buy jump rings and clasps to attach the back.
  • Use wire to wired the buttons on to the chain.

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