DIY: Lady Gaga Halloween Inspired Masks

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By Blerona & Julissa

Halloween, a day where you’re anything or anyone you want be! A day where you can let your inner self shine and a day to enjoy a lot of candy without feeling guilty. But before the 31st it’s all about creating your costume. And DIY’s are the best ones of course, and since we’re all goo goo for Gaga we made some inspired masks by the one and only Lady Gaga. Happy DIY’s

Mask 1: Maison Michels Inspired Bunny EarsMask 1: Maison Michels Inspired Bunny Ears



  • Step 1- Shape out your bunny ears and twist the ends (you will use this end to loop it around the headband for a strong hold)
  • Step 2- Take a piece of your lace (make sure itโ€™s wider and longer than your bunny ears) now sew and the lace to the wire, be sure to go slow and keep the shape of the bunny ears. Then do the other ear.
  • Step 3- Cut out around the ears, snipping off the extra lace. Then take the twisted ends of the ears and loop it around the headband.
  • Step 4- Take the scraps of the lace and wrap it around the headband and glue the ends for a finishing touch.
  • Step 5-Take the rigid lace and measure it to fit on the upper half of your face, then cut it and glue just the top of the ends to the headband and your finished with the top half of your costume.

Mask 2:



  • Step 1: Take the 4.5 inches of the chain and glue is in the middle of the mask, glue it so itโ€™s going across.
  • Step 2: Cut the plastic square trim in large pieces, glue them where you desire.
  • Step 3: When you glue the large pieces of the square trim, there will be smaller empty spaces in which you will need to glue trim on, take small pieces of the trim and glue them (not around the eyes)
  • Step 4: When done gluing the pieces trim, take the rhinestones glue them around the eyes, glue black diamond on one side and jet hematite on the other.

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