Halloween DIY: Jeweled Flappers Girl Head Piece

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By Julissa

Halloween is right around the corner, if you don’t have time to buy a costume. Then why not make your own  fun jewel encrusted head-piece. Its easy and fun, and you will definitely stand out. It’s a piece you can do at home at your own time, you don’t have to worry about waiting on those long lines in the costume stores anymore.



  • Take the 6” piece of ribbon and face it upside down, you are going to fold the feather fringe and glue it in the middle of the satin ribbon. Glue the two ends of the satin ribbon in the middle after gluing the feathers.
  • Turn the feather and satin ribbon so that the glued part of the ribbon is facing down, take the big square sew-on and glue it in the middle of the satin ribbon. Take the large oval sew-on and glue it to the right of the large square sew-on. Take the round sew-on and glue it on the left side of the square sew-on. Then glue the small navette and glue it in between the round and square sew-on (on the bottom). Then take the pear-shaped sew-on and glue it in between the round and the square shape sew-on (on the top).
  • Turn the Jewel encrusted satin piece and turn it around. First glue the Mallard Duck pad feather to the satin ribbon. Then glue the Guinea pad feather on top of the mallard duck pad feather. (Glue it so both feather pad show)
  • Then glue the Feather piece to the sequence trim. Glue it so it’s a little to the side of your head.
  • Take the two inches of elastic and sew it on to both sides of the sequence trim.

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