DIY: Fun Clutch


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By Julissa

Hey everyone… Whats one of the most important accessory we need to go with our outfit?…A pocket book of course…these days, no female walks out without carrying a pocket book with her to carry all of her essentials. Whether  if it’s a tote, cross body bag, shoulder bag, or clutch, a female always has one with her. Do you want the stylish pocket book. Well, I created two stylish looks for a plain clutch… You can also purchase a low price clutch or dress up any old clutch or pocket book you have at home.

Plain Clutch

Take this plain clutch and turn it into something fun!

Beaded Bow Applique Clutch



  • Take the 1/4 yd piece of silver ribbon, take one end of the ribbon and turn it over so you can have two pieces of ribbon on each side. It should look like the following image.
  • You then glue it down on the clutch, any position you wish.
  • Do the same with the 8” black ribbon. Its going to be smaller than the silver ribbon, you then glue on top the silver ribbon.
  • You then take the applique and glue it on top of the ribbon.

Flower Brooch Clutch



  • First take the 1/4 yd black satin ribbon, take both ends and glue them in the middle of the ribbon (it should look like a bow). Then glue it on to the clutch, an position you desired.
  • Do the same with the 8” lemon colored ribbon and glue it on top of the black satin ribbon. So far, it should look like a two layer bow.
  • Do the same with the 6” pink ribbon and glue it on top of the lemon color ribbon. It should now look like a three layer bow.
  • The flower used on the clutch is a brooch, so it will have the pin in the back, simply just push the brooch in like it was a blouse, then close it. Your will place the flower brooch so one of the petals is covering the middle of the bow. Take your hot glue gun and pour a tiny drop of glue in the middle of the bow and push the flower petal down.

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