2 thoughts on “15% Off Leather Trims Via Facebook

  1. This is fantastic!
    This would be perfect to make Louis Vuitton Bow Pumps

    I wish i knew that you carried this – I would have used your trim instead of faux leather.
    Because its real leather you dont have to do any of the folding just make a bow and affix to the shoe.
    I’m considering ordering some of this and doing a 2nd tutorial now since the first is so popular.

    Do I just need to call to order? Thanks!
    Robin (Ruby Mines)

    1. Hi Robin, I loved your DIY the shoes look great! and yes just go to our facebook page click on the photo you like and the item number and color are on the title. Just call our customer service number 1.800.9MJTRIM and let them know your ordering from facebook to get 15% off you purchase. Happy DIY’s

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