Instant Denim Update: DIY Zipper Inserts

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For this weeks blog, I would like to address that pair of jeans in our closets that haven’t done us any good but take up space.  You all know that you’ve got at least one of those, I happen to have several.  The pair I chose to work with still fit great despite a couple of holes, the problem I have with them is that they just look a bit dated.  So, here is my effort to revive a pair I’ve kept around solely for cleaning my apartment.



  1. Decide where you’d like the placement of your zippers.  I decided to start the first 6” from my knee. I then measured 7” up at an angle and marked a straight line with chalk. Then created a parallel 7” mark 2 ½” above the first.
  2. At the beginning and end of each of your mark make a perpendicular mark ½” long.  Should look like a small T.
  3. Cut on the marked lines and the ½” perpendicular.
  4. Turn your jeans inside out and fold back the sides of your slashed line ¼”.
  5. Pin and press with an iron.
  6. Turn the jeans right side out and pin the zipper from the inside.
  7. Hand stitch zipper in.  Pay special attention to the ends since they are unfinished.  It is best to do a buttonhole style stitch to keep the denim from unraveling.
  8. Wear and enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Instant Denim Update: DIY Zipper Inserts

  1. Hi Luna, yes that is a leather patch. Unfortunately we do not carry too many of the leathers that we carry in the store online. However, you can order the leather I used by calling 1-800-9-mjtrim (1-800-965-8746) using the style number 41164-2 in light blue. This leather is only 1 1/2″ wide so to create the patch I used a left over piece of zipper, that I had from another project, and glued it between two pieces. I never think glue should be used a s a permanent solution, but it’s great for holding things in place for easier hand stitching specially on cumbersome pieces such as this. And just to add, I’ve heard your request for embellishing a hand bag and actually had it in mind to do so, I think it will be a great project and look forward to sharing it with you all. Enjoy!

  2. Awesome!! Thanks Roseann! I will get to it and I will post a pic once I’m done. And the handbag project will be an adventurous endeavour. I’m checking out past blogs for inspiration 🙂

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