DIY Slashed and Braided T-Shirt

By Roseann

As you all may know cutting up a simple shirt and making a glam addition to a wardrobe happens to be my favorite DIY project.  I Simple T-shirt is a great canvas for a creative mind.  Today I would like to show how to braid a T-shirt, it is very simple and the result is always funky and chic.





    1. Remove the collar from T-shirt.
    2. Find center back and mark with a pin.
    3. Beginning 1” down from the back neckline mark a line 8” across.  Be sure it is center.
    4. Mark 10 lines decreasing the size by 1” every other, your final line should be 4” across.
    5. Using a blade or scissors cut open your markings creating strips.
    6. Grab the second strip and loop around the one above by pulling it behind and then over.
    7. Continue braiding and stitch the last piece to the inside of the final slash.
    8. Stitch the appliqué on to the shirt at the end of the braid to create a finished look.

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