DIY Bow Hair Accessory

By Roseann

As I mentioned in a previous post, hair accessories are quite big this season.  Large eccentric bows were part of many spring 2010 collections including; Marc Jacobs, Milly, Jason Wu, and Cynthia Steffe.  The looks were over the top, but when worn on the streets we want to tone it down just a little.  Using a satin ribbon a little elastic and some glue I created my own version.  This project is easy and quick but the out come is chic.





    1. Determine how large you’d like your bow to be.  I created a bow approximately 10” across.
    2. I folded the ribbon in half and measured down from the center 10” and then glued, so that I was left with a 10” loop.
    3. I then glued the area I just closed to the center so that I was now left with 2 5” loops.
    4. You can cut a 3” piece off the end of your ribbon, fold and glue so that this piece is now 2” by 1”.
    5. Wrap this smaller piece around the center of the 2 loops.
    6. Secure with glue in the back
    7. Take a measurement around your head. Cut the loose ends of the ribbon down so that they are 2” smaller than your head measurement.
    8. Fold unfinished ends under about ½” and secure with glue
    9. Glue elastic to the center of the loose ribbon ends, then fold the ribbon around and secure with glue.
    10. Wear and enjoy.

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