DIY Fringe Headband

By: Roseann

When it comes to hair accessories this season it seems that almost anything goes.  The spring 2010 hair accessories trend includes jeweled, burlesque and vintage inspired, oversized bows and even lace rabbit ears.  I am happy to see the fun spirit of this trend catching on so quickly and I know that many of our readers are too.  Hair accessories are great way to keep on top of current trends with out breaking the bank.  Here is a piece I created for my spring 2010 look.




    1. Cut fringe into a 9” piece.
    2. Cut the braid into a 10” piece.
    3. Glue the braid over top the edging of the fringe leaving a ½” on each side.
    4. Fold the ½” pieces of braid back and glue.
    5. Measure around your head to determine how much elastic you will need to use.  Keep in mind that you want the elastic to be little taught around the head. 
    6. Glue the ends of elastic to the braid and fringe.
    7. Wear and enjoy.

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