Milan Fashion Week 2010

By Blerona 

Milan Fall Fashion Week 2010 

This season for Milan Fall Fashion week, designers like Dolce & Gabbana went back to their roots with sexy hour-glass pieces and signature prints, pencil skirt and lingerie. The details included beautiful gold coins, satin trims, wide elastic waistband and lace inserts. Emilio Pucci’s outstanding collection went for the 70’s details including deep-slashed and front swooping backs, laced, cutouts, silky fringing, and beading details. With overtones of purple, midnight blue, peacock shades, and molten gold.   Alberta Ferretti’s collection beamed with colors of black, smoke grey, ivory, midnight blue, pale gold and sliver. With detailed delicate beading, tucks, pleats and fur trim. DSquared’s feisty collection included tulle bustles, corsets and pencil skirts that were detailed with blood red jewels, blue, and red beading, chain-fringing, metal spike studs, corest lacing, and industrial zips.  Blumarine’s sexy and glamour look was pouring rock-chick studs, rhinestones, fringe and slinky zips.

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Emilio Pucci

Alberta Ferretti



5 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week 2010

    1. Hats or Facinators definitely would help balance each model differently. Without a headpiece the torso is shortened or elongated depending. The head is similarly too small or too large for the body. Most out of balance is where the waist is defined and the wearer is carrying a bag.

      The eye seeks middle, top and bottom prior to what ever else is going on in between. There needs to be a stopping point other than whatever is going on in the background at the top! Esp with the hair slicked back. Ergo the headpiece, though not every model shown needs one, several have the balance with the design of the neckline or shades. This is offered as a consideration for when we all dress.


      Lauri Turner
      Hatbox: A Modern Haberdashery
      Austin, Texas

      1. p.s. As well be careful with very heavy neckpieces, we don’t want to separate the body from the head, reminiscent of Marie Antoinette!

        Wear what you like but wear it well and in good health!


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