Create Your Own Charmed Bracelet

By Goldie

I would like to share with you an idea so you can create your own charmed bracelet using buttons as your charms.

I used:


  1. Choose your chain and buttons then decide the order you would like to place the buttons in
  2. The easiest way to attach your buttons to the chain is to use stretch magic elastic
  3. Slip the elastic through the shank of your button
  4. Knot it as close to the chain as possible than cut of the remaining elastic you have from the  knot
  5. Make sure your buttons are not to close to each other you don’t want your bracelet to look too cluttered
  6. The final step is adding the clasp to your bracelet in order to close it
  7. Start with attaching the two rings to the two opposite ends of the chain
  8. Slip the loop of the clasp through either ring you added to your chain and you can use the remaining ring to close your clasp

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