Fashion Flat Sketch Pad

By Roseann

The ability for a young designer to put their design ideas on paper to communicate with others in the industry is crucial. A flat sketch is a detailed illustration of  your design, actual human proportion using a figure called a croquis.

M&J recently discovered a product to help young designers create flat sketch illustrations quickly and accurately called a Flat Sketch Pad. The Flat Sketch Pad has an industry standard front and back croquis on every page.


Style # 44523 Fashion Flat Sketch Pad

3 thoughts on “Fashion Flat Sketch Pad

  1. Hi,I’m taking some time to write you a comment.I hope you don’t mind I’ve bookmarked your page, your page is genuinely usefull for me.its really good and informative site. thanks

  2. Thank you for bookmarking. I am glad that the blog has been a helpful tool for you. Please let me know if you have specific questions of any kind. Again, thanks for reading and your support.

  3. Hello from Greece!My name is Mary and i live in Chalkida.Your blog rocks!!amazing and clever ideas for fashion.I’ve been exciting looking the fashion flat sketch pad,very usefull for my work, but so dissapointing i can’t find it nowhere…i will appriciate if you can help me in any way!thanks for this!

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