Embellish Your Clothes Using Rhinestones

By Goldie

There are many simple ways to add some fun and color to your clothes. Whether being something you already own or a new purchase you want to spruce up. I would like to share with you a quick way too embellish your clothing using rhinestones and a rhinestone setting. I choose to embellish a small portion of the pocket of these jeans.

I used:


  1. Choose the rhinestones you would like to work with and accompanying setting.
  2. Using a fabric marker or chalk draw your rhinestone design.  It works best to do this on the back of the fabric since you will position your fabric face down in the setter.
  3. Place your rhinestone on the bottom part of the rhinestone setter and place the nose at the top of the setter through the rhinestone setting.
  4. Place your fabric in between the two face down and press firmly .


7 thoughts on “Embellish Your Clothes Using Rhinestones

  1. To apply flatback rhinestone, you need glue like gem tac.

    To apply hotfix, you need the hot fixer.

    To apply rhinestones with settings, you need a brisk set.

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