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If you’re a follower of M&J Trimming’s weekly e-mailer, then you may be excited to hear about our new feature.  Starting this week, every e-mailer we send from now on will have a special promotion, offer or discount exclusively for those who are on our e-mailer list.  If you haven’t signed up to receive our e-mailer, then this is the time to do it now.  Be sure to check your inbox for our e-mails because the promotion of the week will only be for a limited time. 

Sign-up for our emailer by clicking here.

Get 15% off your online purchase today when you sign-up for any of our emailers.

2 thoughts on “New E-mailer Feature

  1. Hi there

    This is fabulous news!

    Can you tell me, have you re-looked at posting to Turkey. I would love to buy from your store, but UPS or FedEx for small items, would become hugely expensive for me.

    You stock such beautiful items.I picked out 1 stunning showpiece button that you have for an evening dress I am making for my little web business, selling heirloom clothes I am designing and making…………..but to order that and have it send by the current postal method, just makes 1 button terrifically expensive.

    Kind regards,

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