Chain and Feather Tassel Necklace

By: Roseann

Chains, Chains, Chains, they seem to be every where this season and I think they are going to be hanging around through Spring and Summer 2010 as well.  Chain necklaces are nothing new, but these days designers are putting an interesting twist on the trend by the unique mixing of materials and colors.  Anything goes, there are no wrong answers, and you can mix any range of elements into this look, hard or soft, matte and shine, silver and gold.  I decided to create an edgy necklace with a feather tassel to give it a softer look.  The how to is posted below with all the materials used, but please check out our selection and try anything different.




    1. Cut 17mm chain down to 16”
    2. Attach 9mm chain to one of the links of the 17mm. wrap around the 17mm chain threading it throw a couple of times and attach the end link.
    3. Repeat with the twisted metal chain.
    4. Attach jewelry clasp to 17mm chain
    5. To create the tassel, take a pinch of feathers and glue at the very top. 
    6. Wrap several inches of jewelry wire around the top as well leaving a small loop at the head of your newly formed tassel.  This loop is how you are going to attach the feather piece to the jump ring.
    7. Dab a small amount of glue at the end of the cording to keep it from unraveling.   Stating ¾” below the top of the feather piece wrap and glue the cording to the top.  The cording will hide the wire and give a finished look.
    8. Cap the feather tassel with the bead cap; be sure to push the wire loop throw the top of the cap.
    9. Add 1 jump ring to the wire loop and twist till the bead cap is close to the jump ring
    10. Add the other jump rings to connect the newly formed tassel to the middle of your chain necklace.
    11. Wear and Enjoy!

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