Limited Time Swarovski Rhinestone Price Reduction

It is that time of the year when most retailers are evaluating how much their Swarovski Rhinestone price should increase by because this is typically the time when Swarovski also increases their prices to vendors.  However, this year, M&J Trimming is taking the other route.  For a limited time we invite you to take advantage of our Swarovski Rhinestone price reduction.  The special reduction is on both small and large packs.  Both flatback rhinestones and hotfix rhinestone prices have been reduced.  We do encourage you to take advantage of this exciting news because it only tempoary.  Customers on our e-mail list will be informed prior to the expiration date.

If you are not already on our e-mail list, please sign-up to be informed on the expiration date along with future promotions.

4 thoughts on “Limited Time Swarovski Rhinestone Price Reduction

  1. I just placed a big order with you yesterday. Will I get these reduced prices on the items that I ordered? Just thought I would ask since I just placed the order yesterday and got your email today about prices. In these times we have to save where we can. Thanks,
    Donna Thomas

  2. Hello MJ,

    Been away to care for ailing parent for 6 wks. Today, Jan. 27, I am just getting into my over 1300 email. Wanted to inquire about the expiration date for this latest rhinestone sale with anticipation I might be able to order. Here’s hoping for good news.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.


  3. Hi Sephen. Currently there is not set date for the expiration. FIrst annoucement for expiration will be notified via e-mail and then on the blog. Please visit often as we post more updates.

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