DIY Beaded Fringe and Denim Cuff


So, as many of you may or may not already know, I am absolutely in love with beaded fringe and certainly cuffs.  This week I’ve decided to combine my two loves, and am loving the result.  Hope you dig it too.


  • ½ yard 3” beaded fringe
  • 1 package of ss30 nail heads
  • Scarp denim (I used a piece 2 ½” wide and 9” long.  The length measurement depends upon your wrist size.  Take your measurement and add 2”)
  • Craft glue
  • 1 12” separating zipper
  • Ez rhinestone setter  or you could use the side of a pencil t o finish the prongs of your nail heads
  • Needle and thread



  1.  Cut your denim into 4 equal sections and cut 3 pieces of fringe 2 ½” pieces.
  2. I used a little glue to secure the pieces of fringe between 2 pieces of my denim and stitched.  Stitch as close to the twill tape of the fringe as possible so that it will not be visible from the other side.
  3. Mark two columns down the two center panels of your denim cuff.  My marks are 1/2” apart.
  4. Apply nail heads at your marks
  5. Fold the ends of your cuff over ¼”, you may press this down or secure it with a little glue or stitch. 
  6. Attach the bottom portion of your zipper to finished ends.  To shorten the zipper cut the top portion off, then using a needle and thread wrap some thread around the top tooth.  Doing so will keep the zipper from coming off the teeth.
  7. Wear and Enjoy!

One thought on “DIY Beaded Fringe and Denim Cuff

  1. Although I live in Scottsdale, AZ, now….I am a native New Yorker….and an avid seamstress….my passionate hobby! Fortunately I travel back to Manhattan,several times a year and enjoy shopping with you.
    Thank God for your website….making so many wonderful accessories available. I have sent so many “sewers” (friends) to your shop and they cannot believe your inventory and are “hooked” !
    I studied, years ago with “Greta” at the French Fashion Academy up on Madison and 58th Street and became a customer back in the mid 60’s!
    You really have BEAUTIFUL QUALITY!
    SINCERELY, Margot Quinn

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