Twilight Fever

By Blerona

To get into the spirit of the ‘New Moon’ premiere on November 20th , I wanted to make some kind of jewelry that represented the Twilight Series. I had in mind the charm that Jacob made for Bella in ‘Eclipse’, but I came across this picture of Alice. She has on this cool necklace that looks like a pendant attached to ribbon. So I decided to make a necklace like hers instead.


Here’s what I came up with

pic1 (3)

Materials all from M&J Trimming:

 pic2 (2)


  1. Cut the ribbon in half to make two smaller ribbons each should measure 9-10inches
  2. Take apart snap and sew one part onto each end of both ribbons.
  3. Make one slit 2inches from the other end of both ribbons
  4. Insert shank through slits and glue together
  5. Let it dry and enjoy the movie.

 pic3 (2)

8 thoughts on “Twilight Fever

  1. I love this design! Thanks for making it look so easy. I will definitely need to order the materials to make one of these for myself.

  2. great!!!!! i read the twilight, and loved it, but then everyone strted commmenting how fabolous edward is…. but anyway, i hope to doing this one, why dont you do someting for the jacob fans? sometihing like a wolf charm

  3. PS. Alice has two buttons on the back of the necklace, not just one.Like, just add one on there. Right next to the first one, but on the side that leads to the crest. And that crest is really close to the real one.

  4. Hi, Kortnee we have only have one showroom in New York, 1008 6th Avenue. But you can always order online or call 1.800.9.MJTRIM

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