Trend Alert: Heavy Metal DIY Biker Inspired Necklace

By Roseann


This season every designer has jumped on the biker chic bandwagon and fortunately I happen to love this look.  Chains, leather, and hardware is used to adorn all looks casual to evening.  This naughty but nice look can be intimidating to some and can come with a hefty price tag.   Using some leather cording and chain you can create a necklace that’s ultra hip, works for almost every age group, and is easy on the wallet.




  • 1 yard 6mm leather braid
  • ½ yard 17mm gold chain
  • ½ yard metal oval link chain
  • One yard 3.5mm mesh link chain
  • Gem-Tac glue
  • Four15mm rings
  • Four 6mm end caps
  • Two 7mm jump rings and four 4mm jump rings
  • Metal clasp
  • Wire clippers and needle nose pliers



  1. Cut leather braid into two pieces 1 measuring 14” and the other 18”.
  2.  Finish the ends of the leather pieces by gluing the end caps
  3. Cut mesh chain into three pieces 1 measuring 13” and 2 pieces measuring 8”.
  4. Cut oval chain down to 12”.  Thread 13” piece of mesh chain through oval chain and secure with 4mm jump rings.
  5. Cut 17mm chain down to 16”.
  6.  Attach the 17mm chain to the 18” piece of leather using the 15mm rings.
  7. Do the same with oval metal chain and 14” leather.
  8. Attach the front of the necklace together by threading 8” pieces of mesh chain through 15mm rings.  Secure the mesh chain with 4mm jump rings.
  9. Attach clasp to jump ring.
  10. Wear, enjoy!

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