Fall Season, New Trend, Easy DIY Alterations

By Dara


After Alterations

The weather is starting to get a little breezy and that is definitely a sign that summer is long gone.  That means it is time to put away those summer clothes and bring out the warmer clothes for Fall.  Fall is usually a fashionista’s favorite time of the year.  It is not too cold nor is it too hot.  It is a perfect time to wear comfortable and trendy clothing.  This week, we brought out the classic black blazer and embellished it with a variety of Swarovski buttons, crystal trims, pearl strands and braided lace or frogs.  Below, you will see a before picture and above is after the alteration.  It is very easy to get this chic look with simple supplies and instructions. 


Before Alterations

You can see there is a big difference in the before and after image.  This Fall, dramatically embellished garments are very popular.  For the blazers, you will notice in a lot magazines that the shoulders are embellished with different materials.  A lot of deisgners are using fringe, and feathers.  However, crystal jewels are the most used to embellish blazers.  Why spend thousands of dollars when you can create your own unique look.  For the unique look on the blazer, I mainly used Swarovski buttons andvarious trims. 






  1. Pin the lace on top of the shoulder according to how you feel it fits best. Then either stitch on the lace or use Unique Stitch glue.  It works just like a needle when applying fabric on fabric.
  2. Decide where you would like to add the buttons on the shoulder and easily stitch them on using the needle.  It is really up to you how you want to design the shoulder.  The main idea is to make it dramatic. 
  3. Add the pearl strands and rhinstone trim along the side and then add a button over where you started the trim.
  4. Do not forget to replace all the old buttons with a different style of glass buttons.  When you do this, your friends will barely notice it is the same blazer from last year. 
  5. When it is done, then you are ready to wear it and show it off. 


4 thoughts on “Fall Season, New Trend, Easy DIY Alterations

  1. I LOVE IT! TO ME IT’S ALL ABOUT DETAILS – the ideas that go above and beyond the standard nice garment.
    I always spend time creating with the trims, by the time I am done, to me, it’s a “Work of Art”
    I can’t wait to see what ideas everyone has!
    Thank you M & J for this bit of news, you just made my season of sewing even brighter!

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