New York City'sFashion Week – Spring 2010

By Milton

If you love fashion, then you are going to love these highlights from Mercedes-Benz New York City’s Fashion Week Spring 2010.  Fashion week started on September 10th and will continue until September 17th. There are so many great shows and this is just the first part of a series of images and videos I will post. Keep checking for new posts through the week for more updates!

carlos_mieleCarlos Miele

carolina_herreraCarolina Herrera

chris_benzChris Benz

donna_karanDonna Karan


marc_jacobsMarc Jacobs

tracy_reeseTracy Reese

zac_posenZac Posen


5 thoughts on “New York City'sFashion Week – Spring 2010

  1. I simply cannot understand these fashion designers today! Do they really expect women to wear these atrocities? Those outfits by Chris Bens are totally ridiculous. That orange job by J Mendel is so unattractive but the formal to the right of it is very pretty. Those 3 outfits by Tracy Reeves…. utterly ridicuklous. I can’t imzgine any women who can afford these things really wearing any of them out to s classy restaurant ort social affair. And surely they don’t expect older women to wear them.

    The only attractive ones are the first two by Donna Karan… lovely and sensible.!

    Do others agree with me or am I juist not “with it”? Anyhow, thanks for your efforts in bringing it to us.

    Dodi Frankel.

  2. It is a question of art vs. commercial viability. If Chris Benz is going to make any money from ordinary people. I think he’s missed the boat. But if it’s just for art’s sake, well then he’s made a statement. Depends whether he’s being practical or wants his clothes to end up in the American version of the Victorian and Albert museum in London.

    I personally would not want to buy his outfits. As they are not wearable in public without people seeing your knickers.

  3. How many days til Spring???? Wish I had the kind of life that would justify wearing some of these creations. Guess I’ll have to wear the colors and hope some of the delicate designs are translated into more street wearable options!

  4. Runway is not usually about a particular item as it is about the “Look” the designer is showing. After fashion week it usually get’s translated into wearable garments that are more mainstream. Of course most people can not wear or afford a haute designers one of a kind runway items. Think of it as whats happening that season, ie feminine chiffon dresses. short skirts, horizontal pleats, soft feminine dressing. It all trickles out to mass markets from there….

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