DIY Ribbon & Applique Necklace

By Dara


Accessories can either make or break an outfit and when you can’t find one that’s going to enhance your outfit, then make one.  I always go through magazines everyday, looking for the latest trend.  This Fall, I noticed that ribbon and applique necklaces are going to be the must-have accessory of the season.  With a tight budget and still having a yearn for something nice, I decided to make one myself.  You can too with a few simple supplies and instructions. 

I used three appliques, item number 43013 from M&J Trimming, they were only $11.98 each. If you like the appliques, you can call 1-800-9-MJTRIM to order them.  I also used two grosgrain bow, a yard of silk grosgrain, a small piece of ultra suede fabric and glue gun.

All you have to do is add glue to the back of the appliques and lay them on top of the ultra suede.  When it dries, trim out the extra fabric.  Make sure to not to cut in between the appliques, so that they hang together on the necklace.  Then cut the grosgrain ribbon in half and glue it to each side of the necklace.  Once you’re done, add the bows and it’s ready to wear.  Simple, right?



4 thoughts on “DIY Ribbon & Applique Necklace

  1. this absolutely beautiful!!! i am in the process of making my own, wish i thought to use ultra suede, i used a piece of satin!

    1. Hi Robin. I so glad you like the necklace. If you haven’t finished your’s yet, you can still lay the satin on top of the ultra suede with the glue and then trim out the extra fabric.. The ultra suede will make it less flimsy and there won’t be an frays.

  2. thank for the tip Dara. i did “finish my piece but may go back for the ultra suede since i now have “orders to fill” my next one will designed around crystal buttons! I snip off the “eyes” on the button back a voila I have a nice flat surface to work with!

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