Headband Workshop 7/12/09


Fashion Headband Workshop July 12, 2009

Time:  9am

Cost:  $20

To sign-up:  1-800-9-MJTRIM ext 377

Hi everyone.  It looks like it’s time for another Headband workshop.  The date is set for July 12th at 9am.  If you’re interested in attending, please call 1-800-9-MJTRIM ext 377 to sign-up.  Bring friends and family to enjoy this exciting workhsop.  We’ll teach you all the cool tips and tricks to creating your own fashionable headband.

One thought on “Headband Workshop 7/12/09

  1. You need a right face for the headband though. With slim faces the headband should be barely noticable – if you choose it even slightly too big you’ll end up with a huge piece of god-knows-what on your head. And you should generaly avoid it.

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