DIY Swarovski Tear Drop Earrings

 Tear Drop

Well it has finally arrived, that’s right, it’s prom Season.  Although an exciting milestone in a young person’s life, prom today can be a costly event and with the state of our current economy it may be causing some parents and teens to wince at the price tag.  We’d like to help.  A pair of self made Swarovski earring can really add elegance to your look without cleaning out you savings account.   The total cost of this project, $25!


  1. Two pear shaped Swarovski jewel (#38394/crystal vitrail light).   1-800-9-MJTRIM
  2. 6 pieces of 4mm Swarovski beads
  3. 4 5mm roundels in crystal/silver, you should be able to purchase these and the rest of the following materials at any bead shop or jewelry making supply shop..
  4. 2 earring posts and back.  I purchased a type of post with a rhinestone in it and then replaced it with one of our own Swarovski rhinestones. 
  5. 2 eye pins.
  6. 2 jump rings.
  7. Fine step jaw pliers.


  1. From the open end of your eye pin add your beads and roundels so that you have an end result of 3 beads 2 roundels.
  2. Using your pliers close the open end of the pin by creating a loop.  Fine step jaw pliers will ensure that your loops come out the exact same size.  All you must do is wrap the wire around the rounded end of the pliers reposition and close the loop.
  3. Connect one jump ring to the pear shaped jewel.
  4. At one of your loops add your earring post.
  5. At the other end add the jump ring and jewel.
  6. Have a wonderful and safe Prom!

 More Money Saving Prom Tips

  •  Borrow your dress.
  • Check consignment shops for a great dress.
  • Do you own nails.
  • Have a friend do you hair.
  • Many girls have opted for a less costly pair of flip flops or sandals over higher priced heels.
  • Make dinner at home and set up the back porch with candles and lanterns.
  • Skip the limousine and drive yourself.

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