Twisted Knot Mesh Necklace



  • 7 yards of Metallic Tube Ribbon (36876-BCO) in white. 1-800-9MJTRIM
  •  Brown Bugle Beads and Silver Seed Beads (15933-59148, 15931-18503).  1-800-9MJTRIM
  • 2  ½” silver crimp tubes with loop, purchased at any craft store.
  • 1 7x4mm lobster claw, purchased at any craft store.
  • Invisible thread
  • Size 12 needle, anything larger will not go through your beads.




  1. Cut 10 25″ strips of metallic tube ribbon.
  2. Knot one end of all the ribbon strips together, then separate ribbon into two groups of five.
  3. I used cork board to pin the ribbon down, then in a braided fashion twist the two groups together to create a rope. Knot your loose ends together.
  4. In the middle of your rope create a simple knot.  I created my knot a little loose and wide so that the twist is still apparent.
  5. Pin the other side to the cork board so that you have created a u.
  6. Once you have decided which part of the twist you want to follow begin beading.  I tied a knot at the end of my invisible thread. I then threaded my needle across the back of the rope and then once more leaving slack to pass my needle through to create another knot attached to the rope.
  7. Pass the needle through the rope toward the front pass 1 bugle bead then 1 seed bead through your needle, now pass your needle towards the back.  Repeat.
  8. Only bead the top of your braid. I beaded each side and then the knot individually.
  9. Once you have completed beading unpin your rope.  With pliers attach a crimp tube around each knotted end.  Be sure to trim off any excess ribbon near the knot before attaching your crimp tube.
  10. Attach the lobster claw to one of the crimp tubes.
  11. Now go be the envy of all your friends!

2 thoughts on “Twisted Knot Mesh Necklace

  1. I can’t find this ribbon on the web site! I search by description (metallic tube ribbon) and by the product number you referenced:
    36876-BCO but no luck! I’ve been looking for this product.

    Please help.

    Thanks. Cool necklace, by the way.

  2. Hi Jeannie,

    The mesh tube is available by phone. 1-800-9-MJTRIM. If you let the Customer Sales Representative know that you’re looking for item nubmer 36876, she can help you order the tube.

    Good luck. =)

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