Scrappin' Up Handmade Cards

By Dara


Kerry’s Paper Craft

Looking through the lens

Scrappin’ Librarian

Have you ever visited your local holiday card store and found nothing that really expressed how you felt?  If you have, then that’s when making your own homemade card comes in handy.  It’s quite enjoyable.  It sort of reminds me of when we were in elementary school working on arts and crafts.  Who said that after we grow up, the creaitivity and fun has to go away?

I found some really cute homemade cards.  Each image links to the owner’s blog; which has more inspirational ideas.  If you notice, each card is embellished with either grosgrain or single face satin ribbon.  Go ahead and give it a try.  Make your own homemade card and decorate with will beautiful ribbons.

3 thoughts on “Scrappin' Up Handmade Cards

  1. Ho Apres,

    The hello card is actually from Kerry’s Paper Craft. If you click on the image of the card, it’ll take you to her page and she has a few photos there. You’ll also be able to contact her. ^_^

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