Christmas Decorating Tips

By Dara



Have you started your Christmas decoration yet?  If you haven’t or you’d like to add more decorations, then here’s a few tips for fast and fun decorations.  Around this time of the year, wired ribbons are quite popular.  Not only do they come in a variety of patterns, but the wires along the edge of the ribbon makes it really easy to work with.  You can use it to decorate Christmas wreath, trees, gifts, center pieces and more. 

When decorating a Christmas wreath, you can wrap the wired ribbon around the wreath so it almost looks like the stripe on a candy cane.  Finish it off by hiding the end of the ribbon in the back of the wreath.  Now as for the bow, yow you can tie a regurlar bow.  Tie about three to four individual bows, then lay them on top of each other.  Using a twisty tie, twist the bows in place and also twist it around the wreath.  After that is done, then you can shape the bows any way you like.  It’s that easy with little mess and time.  Oh yes, I’ve added berries in the center of my bow to hide the twisty tie.  You can do this too.  You can use berries, charms or anything you’d like.  The secret of the bow can also be used on Christmas trees, gifts, center pieces and more. 


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