DIY Swarovski Rhinestone Table Setting

By Eleah


This week I embellished a segment of a table setting to show what a little bling might do to your dinner table.  I used size 12 and 16 rhinestones in Light Peach, Crystal, and Palace Green Opal.  For 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 napkin ring and 1 small candle holder it took about 7 packs of rhinestones in various sizes and colors.  The amount and size you need to do this for your own setting will depend on the amount of silver wear and other table accessories you plan to embellish. 





  1. Come up with a basic pattern of which you would like on your settings.  I suggest keeping it simple since there is not much surface to cover on something as small as a fork.  It is also a good idea to lay your rhinestones out unglued to make sure they will fit properly across the surface. 
  2. Once your pattern is decided set the rhinestones to the side, flat side down for easier pick-up.  Pinch off a pea sized piece of wax and stick in onto the end of your wooden stick. 
  3. Apply glue with your syringe in a small section (start on the straightest edge for best results) Pick up one rhinestone at a time by lightly touching the wax end of the wooden stick to the top of the stone. Place the stone onto the desired glue covered area.  The glue should pull the rhinestone from the wax but sometime a little nudge with your finger is helpful.  Continue this process until you have completed your design and repeat on the rest of your table settings.  The glue dry within a half hour of application but I suggest letting it sit a full 24 hours before actually using it. 
  4. Don’t run your project through the dishwasher since the jets could possibly disrupt your design by loosening the stones. 

*Remember, this project does not have to apply only to table settings.  Rhinestones can be added to a variety of home decorations. *

6 thoughts on “DIY Swarovski Rhinestone Table Setting

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