NYC's Fashion Week Spring '09

By Milton

If you love fashion, then you’re going to love these highlights from the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week SP09.  Fashion week started on September 5th and ended on the 12th.  Enjoy!

Calvin Klein


Diane von Furstenberg


Donna Karan



Narciso Rodiguez


 Oscar de la Renta

3 thoughts on “NYC's Fashion Week Spring '09

  1. Being a fashion designer myself and looking at Diane von Furstenberg line, I gotta ask…are these people on cheap drugs or what? Seriously, who would wear one of those outfits out in public…besides maybe a celeb at the Grammys to gain attention. Also the model in the center on Diane’s line, she looks like a zombie! Yikes!

    I see it as truly sad about this fashion industry. For example, would made up the rules that a runway model has to be as tall as the Jolly Green Gaint and look like death warmed over because these models are too skinny. Really, does Jane Public look like these models? So who are these big name designers really designing for?????

  2. dean-
    I found the Narciso Rodiguez line interesting if only because of the fact that Michelle Obama’s outfit that he made for her was custom made. It was a cashmere coat and skirt ensemble. She is a woman with curves, something he must of just stumbled upon because he has not known about them in any other time of his career. It’s amazing how one finds new segments of the market when one needs to keep their doors open.

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