Fancy Fringe Pillow

By Eleah

This week I designed a little decorative pillow.  I am going to leave the measurements open, so you can make a custom pillow in a size that best suits your room.  I wanted something neutral with a touch of femininity.  I chose a textured brown and cream-colored fabric for the body of the pillow and ribbon fringe in sand for the trim.  The ribbon fringe has a criss-cross pattern that leads to a shower of thin ribbons in various shades from the same color family.  It’s the perfect little accent for a room that needs something soft and inviting.



  • Fabric: Decide on the dimensions you want your pillow to be and add ½ inch for seam allowance.  Cut out two pieces of fabric in said measurements.
  • Ribbon Fringe: measure the perimeter of one of the pieces of fabric you have cut out for the body of the pillow and add about 4 inches for good measure. No pun intended.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine + thread
  • Stuffing
  • Straight pins


Making the Pillow:

  1. Pin the two identical pieces of fabric together using straight pins with the right side facing in.
  2. Sew the two pieces of fabric together with a half-inch seam allowance.  Remember to remove the straight pins as you go…if your needle hits one it could break.  Leave about 5 inches unhemmed. You will need this to turn the pillow right side out and to insert the stuffing. 
  3. Turn the pillow inside out (see I told you not to hem the whole way around! Now look at what you’ve done!)
  4. Fold over one end of the Ribbon Fringe about ½ inch and quickly hand stitch the fold in place.  Lay the fringe along the parameter of one side of the pillow and begin to hand sew it in place.  The only part you should be securing down to the fabric is the gimp trim.  The criss-cross and loose ribbons should hang free from the pillows surface.  The more time you put into securing the trim, the longer it will last without need for repair.  When you come around to where you started, cut off all but 1 inch of extra fringe.  Fold that end and hand stitch it in place and up against or even slightly overlapping the beginning. 
  5. You’re done!

5 thoughts on “Fancy Fringe Pillow

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