Bridal Rhinestone Flip Flops

By Kristin

Getting married at the beach?  No?  Well, maybe you want a comfortable pair of shoes for the reception.  Flip flops are the perfect answer!  They’re cheap and can be decorated to match your dress very easily.  I was able to pick up a pair at the local dollar store and decorate them in only about 45 minutes.  M&J Trimming has this great glue called Flip Flop Glue (item # 37866).  It’s made so that your decorations won’t fall off during regular wear and tear.  You can decorate your flip flops with buttons, ribbons, sequins, or my personal favorite… rhinestones!  I decorated my pair in Light Rose and Crystal AB.  Why not try decorating a pair for your own big day, as a gift for the bride or maybe for your bridesmaids and flower girl.  It’s a fun project and you will be able to wear them after the wedding during your honeymoon, or for a day out on the town.

8 thoughts on “Bridal Rhinestone Flip Flops

  1. I have made flip flops witht the flip flop glue and had alot of trouble with them. I have tried alot of different types of glue but the rhinestones are not stable. Do you have any advice on how you were able to keep the rhinestones on the flip flops even in the hot sun?

    Thank You,

    1. I have tried the flip flop glue also but the rhinestones still come off. Maybe I am not doing something right. I wash the band with alcohol first I even tried roughing up the band first with sand paper.

      Do you know a good contact to purchase good quality flip flops?
      look forward to hearing from you.

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