Dressing Up Your Little Black Shoe

By Milton

Rhinestone encrusted shoes are still running strong, ladies. This season the trend has graduated from decorating the tips of simple flats and moved on to high heels. The real deal is off the charts in affordability for most of you and the less expensive versions of this fashion movement are likely to be stocked with plastic jewels. And yes, you can tell the difference.

If you want the look without the price tag, it¹s only a few steps away, no pun intended. All you need is a simple pair of heels and Swarovski sew-on or flat-back jewels in the color or colors of your choice.

I created an example using Swarovski Sew-on jewels from their new line of cosmic colors. You are sure to turn some heads when your heel-clad feet are reflecting the city lights at night.

Some other alternatives are glass sew-on jewels. They’ll also give your heels a little glamor.

2 thoughts on “Dressing Up Your Little Black Shoe

  1. OMG……… i want those shoes. I live in W. Hartford, Ct and looking at this designs makes me want to go there….look at everything you have and go shopping for a long long time! nice job!

  2. Thanks for the idea. I have a pair of old heels that are comfortable and I love them. But they’re definitely out of style. Maybe if I style them up I won’t have to push them aside in my closet.

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