I am not a plastic bag… but I eat them for breakfast

By Eleah

Earth-friendly canvas tote bags are all the rage right now, however it is nearly inescapable to wind up bringing home a plastic bag or two during the week. Throwing them away defeats the purpose of any attempt to be green with your fashion-approved little canvas tote. Remember those plastic bag dispensers from days of yore? Their day has come again and it is time to bring them back into your life. They compact the plastic bags into a smaller space and provide an easy system for reusing what would otherwise go to waste. My collection of plastic bags has grown to the point where I suspect it may be developing it’s own heartbeat. It’s time to take control and I will do that by making my own plastic bag holster that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

You will need:
(my color/fabric choices are inspired by Spring Picnics that I’ve never actually been on)

  • Cotton based fabric 17×21 inches (butter yellow double faced cotton)
  • 2 yards of 38mm ribbon (33mm Imported Gingham Check Ribbon in nave/white)
  • 2 yards of 2mm Rattail Cord (in beauty to compliment the navy and yellow)
  • Sewing Machine + Thread
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Iron + Ironing board

To Make the Holster:

  1. Press a 1-inch fold on both 21-inch edges of the fabric
  2. Cut Rattail Cord in Half + sandwich into the crease of the folds + pin down
  3. Hem the cord into the fold without stitching over the cord; it needs to be free since it will later be used as a drawstring
  4. Cut and lay out the 38mm ribbon of choice on the front of the fabric in a pattern that is suiting to your taste…. Pin along all edges of ribbon + hem onto fabric
  5. Fold fabric in half so the two raw edges line up, with the applied ribbon facing in
  6. Sew a hem 1 inch from the raw edges, creating a tube
  7. Cut any loose thread + turn the tube inside out
  8. Pull the Rattail Cord drawstring on one end and tie into a double knot and bow
  9. Stuff saved up plastic bags into open end and tie a single knot (this will be the top of the holster)
  10. At the end of the rattail cord tie a knot and small bow, creating a loop to hang your holster from.
  11. And Serve!

4 thoughts on “I am not a plastic bag… but I eat them for breakfast

  1. this is such a great idea! thinking of making one as a gift for a friends upcoming house warming. really cool! thanks.

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