Happy Easter!

By Dara


In just a couple of days Spring will arrive and before you know it, it’ll be Easter this coming Sunday. This year, Easter falls on March 23rd. Can you believe it’s already the end of March? Where has time gone? Next thing we know, we’re celebrating New Years again. Okay, maybe I’m way ahead of myself.

Since, I won’t be back home in New Mexico this Easter, I’ve decided to dress up this boring basket and brighten it up. I’m definitely using it to send some flowers back home to my Mom. You can get a basket like this at any local dollar store. Also known as the 99-cent store. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Using about 1 ½ yard of wired ribbon, I started wrapping the basket’s handle. With another 1 ½ of the same-wired ribbon, I added it along the basket using crafts’ wire to hold it down every 3 inches. This created the little bubble like form you see. To finish it off, I took the same-wired ribbon and a yellow organza ribbon and tied a bow on top of the handle.

I filled this basket with some silk flowers because that’s what my Mom likes. However, you can fill yours with anything you’d like such as candies. If you were planning on giving it to a child, I’d recommend some items like crayons, coloring books, barrettes or even some educational books. This might take them away from all those sweets that can cause cavities.

If you’re planning on giving this basket to a friend, family, co-worker or partner, you can fill the basket with items they might like. Maybe some CDs, DVDs, reading books, cook books or accessories.

I hope everyone enjoys your Easter!

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