Meet the Authors

Milton: Fashion Blog

Milton plays an important role at M&J Trimming. As the Creative
Director, he accomplished many tasks over the past seven years. From
window displays to walls of artistic designs, customers who visit the
store can view his creative work. Today, Milton continues to stay
active in the creative department as well as keeping his eyes
open for new trends and fashion design.

Kristin: Wedding Blog

Full of spirit and smiles, Kristin is a very enthusiastic person. Especially when it comes to projects and designs related to weddings. In 2007, Kristin made one of the most important decisions in her life. She decided to get married and designed her very own wedding. It was an amazingly memorable day from start to finish. She created her beautiful bouquet, embellished her gown and shoes and developed the layout of her perfect wedding. Today, she takes pride in advising all brides-to-be how to also create an unforgettable wedding day.

Eleah: Home Décor Blog

As a former student at Massachusetts College of Art, Eleah has eyes and
mind for designing Home Décor. Through her years of experience in
interior and exterior living space photography, she knows the demands
for a trendy home. Eleah will take you behind the scene of home design
as well as guide you through the steps to creating a trendy yet
comfortable home atmosphere.

Dara: Crafts Blog

Southwestern gal, Dara has worked on various keepsake crafts. Many of
her crafts were used in the Southwest district competition. She has
worked on projects such as scrapbooks, key chains with a stamp
dispenser, miniature dollhouse crafts and more. Dara also enjoys
creating keepsakes for family and friends because she believes that the
best joy is seeing someone receive a gift that simply says, “I thought
of you while I was making this”.

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